April 22, 2013

From our student Gavin:

This past weekend (April 20th), I flew my long distance cross country solo — that is without the very accomplished Don Green, CFI, CFII, MEI, in the right side seat as PIC, though just because he wasn’t there didn’t mean his voice wasn’t still running through my head.

What a great day and a great experience. It was a confidence builder for sure. I took along with me a GoPro3 Silver on a FatGecko Co-pilot mount and shot some video over my shoulder along the way.

The flight was from KRBD>KACT>KCRS>KRBD.



April 17, 2013

This past weekend, we flew the Twin Comanche into Clifton (7F7) for an owner’s maintenance seminar. It was hosted by Clifton Aero, a great maintenance shop that specializes in Comanches. Clifton is also a good destination for a cross country trip. They have a courtesy car and the town has several good options for lunch.
The seminar was a 2-day event, with the first day being classroom (hangar) presentation about maintenance tips and tricks, and the second day was an inspection of our plane by their mechanics (which we passed with flying colors).

April 10, 2013

Mike, one of the original owners of N9987U, recently found our site and commented: “It brought a smile to me to see the old Grumman again. I put many hours on it when she was new and have logged many memorable flights in her…Your site made this guy real happy! Blue skies to all of you.” Thanks, Mike – we look forward to those blue skies!